Vérité et Masques

  • I live in The place where hell and heaven look the same
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  • Vérité et Masques

    I did some decided to read up on the (surpringly short and entertaining) webcomic series this show is based off of and found some cool stuff.

    1. Grizzly kills a little girl in the first comic. Let that sink in.

    2. Ice Bear speaks in third person a lot. Not consistently, but he does.

    3. Ice Bear is a borderline sociopathic murderer. Violence tends to be how he solves most of his problems. He has a shurenkin that he keeps somewhere and once tried to kill a homeless guy for standing on the other side of the road.

    4. Ice Bear dislikes mainstream movies. He only likes weird indie films.

    5. Panda only likes black and white films. I wonder why....

    6. Ice Bear is the greatest bear of them all. To be fair, he had better lines and more personality than th…

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  • Vérité et Masques

    Guys, there's too much love going to that panda. What about this P-chill Ice Bear? Team Ice Bear!

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  • Vérité et Masques

    The show, I mean. Cause I'm not entirely sure what to be ready for.

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