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Country Channel Premiere date Title Source
United States Cartoon Network July 27, 2015 We Bare Bears TBA
Canada [1]
Latin America August 24, 2015 Escandalosos [2]
Brazil Ursos sem Curso [3]
United Kingdom September 7, 2015 We Bare Bears [4]
Arabic October 9, 2015 الدببة الثلاثة TBA
Sweden October 19, 2015 Bara Björnar [5]
Norway Vi Bare Bjørner [6]
Denmark Vi' Bare Bjørne [7]
Turkey November 2, 2015 Kafadar Ayılar TBA
France November 7, 2015 Ours pour un et un pour t'ours [8]
Poland November 9, 2015 Miedzy nami, misiami TBA
Germany November 14, 2015 Bären wie wir [9]
Australia November 16, 2015 We Bare Bears [10]
New Zealand
Southeast Asia TBA
Netherlands Wat Beren Leren [11]
Bulgaria Ние, мечоците TBA
Romania Aventurile fratilor ursi [12]
Hungary Medvetesók
Philippines We Bare Bears [13]
Taiwan 熊熊遇見你 TBA
Korea November 21, 2015 위 베에 베어스 [14]
Russia November 23, 2015 Вся правда о медведях [15]
Spain Boing November 28, 2015 Somos Osos [16]
Portugal Cartoon Network Nós, os Ursos [17]
India November 29, 2015 We Bare Bears [18]
Italy December 8, 2015 [19]
Africa December 12, 2015 TBA
Japan NHK April 5, 2016 ぼくらベアベアーズ [20]
Israel Arutz HaYeladim March 6, 2017 TBA
Indonesia Cartoon Network November 16, 2015 We Bare Bears
Thailand สามหมีจอมป่วน
Vietnam Chúng tôi don gian là gau


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