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Yana is a minor character who first appeared in "Icy Nights." She makes a second reappearance in "Icy Nights II." She appears shortly after Ice Bear has finished cooking for Panda and Grizzly while Barry (disguising his voice) threatens to harm her if Ice Bear does not give up his Roomba.


Yana is a woman of normal physical stature. Her hair is black with purple highlights strewn throughout, and she has very thick eyebrows. She also has a white snowflake tattoo on her left shoulder. She's seen wearing a white tank top, and what appears to be green jeans with a black belt.


From her brief appearance, Yana can be seen as rather aggressive and easily agitated. However, she has a soft, sentimental side to her as well, though she generally prefers not to show it.


Ice Bear

Yana and Ice Bear seem to have a rather complicated relationship. They're implied to have lived a life of action in a past, but due to an incident, they have since broken up. Yana is resentful towards Ice Bear for this and isn't easily trusting of him.


At the end of Icy Nights II, Ice Bear's Roomba finds Yana's locket, which contains a picture of Yuri---who is implied to be her father. As Ice Bear is shocked by this revelation, she is presumably unaware that Yuri raised Ice Bear.

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  • It's revealed that Yana knew Ice Bear preceding the events of "Icy Nights".
  • Yana somewhat resembles that of Sombra from the FPS Overwatch.
  • At the end of "Icy Nights II", it is revealed that she is Yuri's daughter. It is unknown why she and Yuri were separated in the first place.