Yuri and the Bear Gallery Transcript
This is a transcribed copy of the episode "Yuri and the Bear".

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"Where is it?"
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Icy Bear is a kid. He popped out of the snow. He saw a grey seagull flying the air. He licks his lips. The bird lands a distance from him. However when he reached the bird flew off. As he sniffed the air again, he smelt something delicious. As he looked to his right, he saw a trail of steam/smoke coming from a big tent. He follows the steam and entered the tent. Inside he found many things. He found the location of the smell to be from a stew pot. He opened it to see it was a brown stew missed with the vegetables. Without warning, he heard a noise from outside. He looked out to see a shadow at the base of the tent's entrance. He dashed under a bed and hid. He saw only grey boots as they attached to a man grumbling. An axe struck inches in front of him while he was under the bed. An man with a ushanka, a thick beard and semi- Russian accent came to his face.

(A man with beard): "Rat"

(Ice Cub whimpers)

The old man lifts the bed as Ice Cub scuffled past him into an armchair nearby. Soon a chase come to an end as the man falls and hurts his ankle. Ice Cub looked back at the grumbling old man and helped him. He handed him a bandage. The old man seemed grateful for his assistance.

Old man: Unbelievable 

(He sighs)

He grumbled and then looked towards Ice Cub who innocently stands there. 

Old Man: Yuri wants large snow rat to leave. Don't you have place to be"

Ice Cub looks up at him blankly. The old man who named Yuri looked at him with more symphatic eyes. As he did he gave another sigh. The sound of dogs barking interrupted them as they looked to the tent entrance. Yuri pulls it back to see an hunting party. He had noticed the equipment. He looked back to Ice Cub. He looked sternly at the last of the party. Then watched as they leave the area. THen he pushed the flap back closed. He walked slightly 

Yuri: Yuri want tea.

(Ice Cub walks over to cabinet and picks up a tin of beans instead)

Yuri: No. It is a box. 

He realized Ice Cub needs guidance.

Soon Yuri trained Ice Cub in different survival skills. Soon Ice Bear become good with the survival skills. This was done in an upbeat Russian song. Eventually, he was entrusted to watch the tent while Yuri was gone. Yuri's sprain had healed over the period.  Ice Cub came to Yuri with a box. Yuri got upset with Ice Cub. He had opened the chest. Ice Cub was afraid so he ran outside of the tent into the snowy atmosphere. As he looked back a tear escaped from his eye. As he stepped further, a bear trap caught his left paw. He started to struggle. As he did, the sound of the chain alerted the hunting dogs in the distance. Soon the hunting party is back, Yuri hears them too and springs to action. He broke the chain with his axe.  With his trusty axe, he crashed the rest of the hairline. This sent Ice Cub adrift into the ocean. As he did, he left the disgruntled hunting party. He left the axe with Ice Cub. In turn, he rubbed the axe which was struck in the ice. He rubbed over Yuri's name. He later accepted the realization of himself surviving alone as he swirled the axe in his paw. 

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